Alona Voloshko


I'm 28 years old! Of which 19 years old, I live in total consecration to the Lord. Of course it sounds loud, but it is true. At the age of 9 celebrating my birthday – I celebrated my second birth into the light! The year before, I had a number of surgeries and was in a coma for 4 days.

My mother, as much as she knew God, in a prayer of despair and with a shred of hope – prayed to God for my life, dedicating me to His service. Listening to the hard memories of those black days, I realize that her prayer then played a very important role for my future life, my "today" and my "tomorrow", which now I myself give to serve God.

Her prayer then, today – gives me a firm understanding that I belong to the Heavenly Father, I am His!

I have always been and will be in the process of formation as a person, a christian and a minister. And creation of this is lifelong, thanks to which, every day for me is a joy and an opportunity to learn more about God, to understand myself deeper in Him.

On my awareness and maturity as a daughter and servant of God, to a greater extent played our youth club "InLight". I was formed as a spiritual leader, mentor and worshipper. Here we learned to love, sacrifice our comfort for the good of the other, accept the other as God loves him, rejoice in each other's victories together and empathize in trouble.

Sasha and Natasha initially at the club have created a family atmosphere and today we're still family, but formed in a new way, having passed each of our own ways and matured for a bigger step. And now, dreams were born in the heart together through the years –today give the confidence and strength to go forward, creating a mission "Camino Santo".

We have the opportunity to glorify our Heavenly Father on a new level, to reach the youth of the world with love and Truth, thereby plundering the plans of darkness! Thank Jesus for freedom and life in the fullness of His light and grace! And thanks to Sasha and Natasha for the great example of loyalty, devotion and dedication, this is example to us - the younger generation. They are mentors who have invested, invest and are ready to invest the love of Father further in me and everyone who will join our big family "InLight&CaminoSanto"!