Sergey and Larisa Kovaleva


We, Sergei and Larisa, in His great mercy and grace for 34 years go through life together. We know that the Lord joined our hearts long before we knew Him and accepted Him into our hearts. The Lord has done us great honour by choosing us and entrusting His ministry. He lit the fire of the Holy Spirit in us and showed us his infinite love, grace, mercy and forgiveness from all sins.

All 20 years that we go with Him, it is certainly the best, blessed and amazing years in our lives. With Him more and more we learn to love Him, trust Him, to love each other, our children, our loved ones and people around us. The Lord blessed us with two wonderful sons, great servants and worshipers of God. Our sons have beautiful wives who love the Lord and lead their children, our grandchildren, to the Church. Because only there and so we can worship God.

During this short period of life that we were with God, we opened our home group, served in the order group, Sunday school, theatre service, service in orphanages, prison service; serve the homeless and the elderly, large families, children with cerebral palsy and their families. We believe that this is only the beginning. The Lord can do much more through us. We believe that on earth we are His hands, we are His heart, we are His children, disciples and ministers. We and our home serve and will serve the Lord. We know and firmly believe that wherever we are, whatever we do, we must first show Jesus and fulfil the great commission He gave to all of us in His Word – to preach the Good News and the Kingdom of God. In The Name Of Jesus Christ!