"CAMINO SANTO" youth christian mission in Spain

The goals of the Christian youth mission "Camino Santo":

  • - The Spread Of The Gospel
  • - Realization of youth weekends, prayer retreats, volunteer camps, marriage seminars and evenings of praise
  • - Spiritual support of young leaders, their development and providing necessary for service.
  • - Serving the younger generation of Christians. Mentoring
  • - Evangelization for the sake of reaching unbelieving youth
  • - Service to orphans, soul care.
  • - Service to married couples (adoptive parents and guardians of orphans): physical rest, spiritual communication, consultations.
  • - There are plans to conduct periodic training seminars for future leaders with the involvement of pastors and preachers from different regions of the world; the development on the basis of these seminars, training materials and their placement on the website.
  • - Attracting sponsors and investors.